Sun in Air, Moon in Earth

Learn about how the elements of your natal sun and moon get along OR don’t.

My natal Sun in the Air keeps me communicating and sociable but with my natal Moon in Earth I like practicality and to know what’s going on with life. These two elements are different in every way. Air is flowing and can move objects. Earth is grounded and more fixed. So while I can move across a room and socialize with words and ideas, don’t stunt me with impractical ideas that result in lost footing in life.

I can take a risk but it needs to provide stability in the long run. How do your sun and moon elements work together? Find out with an Astrology Reading and gain insight to how you can make 2017 your best year yet!! Visit for details and information.

Author: RYVChief

I am a proud Latin woman living in South Texas, raising my son to be a man. With the power of the planets I am excited to share more about astrology and how it impacts lives!!

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