Working From Home- Rain or Shine

In between clients or studying their charts I’m able to relax and decompress. I find it keeps my essence centered and balanced-every Sun Sign Libra loves that! With my moon in Taurus, I know I enjoy gourmet foods and snacks so I always enjoy some. My favorite go to is deluxe mixed nuts .

Whether it’s raining or shining bright, I work steadily and independently from home knowing how to best use my likes and strengths and it’s because I know and understand my own chart. I know with my Mercury in Scorpio I like strong winds, scattered showers and changing weather so I tend to do my best writing then.

Wonder what the power of the planets are doing for you right now? Where are you being blocked and where are you not? Wonder no more. Purchase a Chart Reading with me and have your chart illuminated! Readings are held via Skype , Google Hangouts or Phone rain or shine!

Talk to you soon my lovelies, till then be the energy you want to attract; radiate your vibe!


Author: RYVChief

I am a proud Latin woman living in South Texas, raising my son to be a man. With the power of the planets I am excited to share more about astrology and how it impacts lives!!

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