Love letter from an open heart

Feel my love through words

My Beloved, 

Lying here in the darkness. I’m gazing at the luminous moon, feeling cathartic as she radiates her loving nature. You and she are the only two who can touch my heart and soul this way, perhaps because you are my also my Sun.

Eternally yours, 

Your Earth Goddess

#BetchaYouDidntKnowIWrotePoetry #loveletter #MyBeloved #MoonGazing #loveisintheair #ScorpioMercury #LibraSun #TaurusMoon #RYVChief #SandyMartinez 

Astrology Side Note: Transiting Cancer Moon trining Jupiter in Pisces and trining Mercury in Scorpio equals emotional love growing for my beloved through writing!!!

Author: RYVChief

I am a proud Latin woman living in South Texas, raising my son to be a man. With the power of the planets I am excited to share more about astrology and how it impacts lives!!

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