Looking for Love

Women everywhere are looking for answers to love and some complain they just wish they had a book or map that explained it all step by step. How do I know? I’m one of them!! I wanted so badly to understand why life kept seeming to repeat itself and why it was I felt I was learning yet nothing was changing. I attended seminars, read books, took workshops all to enlighten my mind and help motivate me into action. And yes, I even went to see a therapist to “talk it out”. All I found was the cycles kept repeating.

I’d always had and interest in astrology and I found myself looking deeper into it for answers. I thought that if famous people in time had used it to help them become successful in their pursuits why couldn’t I do the same and for my son?

I took my workshops, read more books, joined new groups for new conversations leading to more questions but the difference was the information was all scientific and mathematically based and it all added up and made sense!!! They more I learned the better I understood myself and why it seemed those cycles were repeating was becoming clearer and clearer. Now, I’ve found how to best use the skills I knew I had, I’ve found a better way to communicate with family and friends, I understand my son’s needs in nurturing and education and so much more!!!

I’d like to help women 18 yrs and older to join my new Facebook group for women only and love focused using astrology. There will be open discussions regarding a love and romance and how it effects different areas of our lives. There will be online events for Q&A to find specific answers related to your very own natal chart. And we’ll be having fun too!! So ladies, learn to identify your love needs and get them filled. LOVE RULES with RYVVIP!!! Join HERE.