Love letter from an open heart

Feel my love through words


My Beloved, 

Lying here in the darkness. I’m gazing at the luminous moon, feeling cathartic as she radiates her loving nature. You and she are the only two who can touch my heart and soul this way, perhaps because you are my also my Sun.

Eternally yours, 

Your Earth Goddess

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Astrology Side Note: Transiting Cancer Moon trining Jupiter in Pisces and trining Mercury in Scorpio equals emotional love growing for my beloved through writing!!!

Don’t fear Jupiter Retrograde

I know it’s hard to not freak out when you hear the word Retrograde but there’s no need since it’s gonna happen anyways. Look at what it’s offering instead and just maybe have a little faith that it’s all for a purpose. Jupiter after all holds the key to your faith!!

If you’re ready to know how you can take fear away and replace it with faith, follow THIS LINK to watch a video sharing some knowledge about how Jupiter is really doing the work for you!! Get excited because it’ll be very rewarding!!!

Talk to you soon darhlings!!

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Your Moon Mind

Your Moon placement is responsible for the way your mind handles life.

Your Moon placement is responsible for the way your mind handles life. If you’ve got an Aries moon placement, chances are you’re ready to go to battle anytime life throws you into a dogfight and you may be aggressive about it depending on how other planets are placed in aspect to your moon. Have a Pisces moon? You may want to handle all that life throws at you with a compassion that elevates the soul to a new place and that may not always help you win the dogfight unless you’ve got some strong aspects from other planets affecting your moon. Your moon placement and sign is unique and knowing it gives you an advantage to knowing how you can best handle a situation. 

My natal moon in the 9th house is in the sign of Taurus with a quincunx aspect from my Mars in the second house in the sign of Libra. This gives me intuitiveness to the masses that allows me to react quickly to all emergency situations. This aspect would work well for a nurse in a battle field needing to decide quickly who she can help and how and then gets right to it all until it is done. 

Understanding your moon is understanding yourself! 

Working From Home- Rain or Shine

In between clients or studying their charts I’m able to relax and decompress. I find it keeps my essence centered and balanced-every Sun Sign Libra loves that! With my moon in Taurus, I know I enjoy gourmet foods and snacks so I always enjoy some. My favorite go to is deluxe mixed nuts .

Whether it’s raining or shining bright, I work steadily and independently from home knowing how to best use my likes and strengths and it’s because I know and understand my own chart. I know with my Mercury in Scorpio I like strong winds, scattered showers and changing weather so I tend to do my best writing then.

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Talk to you soon my lovelies, till then be the energy you want to attract; radiate your vibe!

What is an Ascendant?

Your Ascendant is also know as your Rising Sign and was the sign in the part of the sky that the sun was rising in at the time of your birth. Your Ascendant or Rising Sign sets up the path for your life. With an Ascendant in Pisces, that puts Aquarius in the 12th house. Each area of life is represented in a house of the horoscope wheel and under a zodiac sign. For example, Ascendant in Pisces means having Aries in the second house of hard work and security so this means a Pisces Ascendant with Aries in the second house prefers work that allows them to lead, initiate and be direct in their work. A person with a Taurus Ascendant will have Gemini in the second house of hard work and security. This means the Taurus Ascendant will enjoy a career involving communication and community.

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Sun in Air, Moon in Earth

Learn about how the elements of your natal sun and moon get along OR don’t.

My natal Sun in the Air keeps me communicating and sociable but with my natal Moon in Earth I like practicality and to know what’s going on with life. These two elements are different in every way. Air is flowing and can move objects. Earth is grounded and more fixed. So while I can move across a room and socialize with words and ideas, don’t stunt me with impractical ideas that result in lost footing in life.

I can take a risk but it needs to provide stability in the long run. How do your sun and moon elements work together? Find out with an Astrology Reading and gain insight to how you can make 2017 your best year yet!! Visit for details and information.