Venus Retrograde for the Sun Signs

Take plenty of selfies and journal if you want to keep up with the pace of it all cause Fiery and Feisty Aries is hosting Venus!


THE TIME HAS COME!!!⇒ Venus is retrograde from March 4th thru April 15th 2017. Retrograde simply means moving backwards. While Venus is in retrograde, she will encourage you to look at a part of your life that needs to be re-viewed, re-analyzed, re-valued and re-purposed. That area of your life is listed below by Sun Sign. Check your sexy self after you read what leads to it!! ⇓

Venus is closer to the earth during this time so we’ll feel her loving beams POTENTLY! Ever heard her song? FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!! I’ll have to post on that next. BUT BACK TO NOW…Venus Retrograde happens approximately every 19 months so we astrologers get pretty darn excited considering how rare this is. Take plenty of selfies and journal if you want to keep up with the pace of it all cause Fiery and Feisty Aries is hosting Venus! Can you bring home the bacon and fry it up? With Aries, you sure AF can!  For those ruled by Venus (Libra and Taurus) this may feel like a slowing down point.

With warrior Aries hosting harmonizing Venus, she asks you to assertively reconsider what/who you value, how you want to be valued and by who. She insists that all is fair in love and war while in Aries!! She’ll demand you create balance or force you to adjust yourself just like those jeans you’ve been wearing all day. Venus in retrograde also shows you what gives you pleasure (wink wink) and what has expired past it’s due date.

The last time Venus was in Aries in Retrograde was 2009 so you can try to recall what may have been occurring in your life then for ideas on the themes happening now. Since Aries was hosting Venus in 2009, those ruled by Aries are ending a cycle and beginning a new one for this theme. They will feel it the biggest so good luck warriors! Cardinal signs are next, then fire signs. Cardinal signs include Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Fire signs include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Conclusion: Venus will help you reach a higher level of self-appreciation and self-worth after you do the work of re-exploring your needs of pleasure and value. Venus Retrogrades can lead to revelations or endings of relationships and work related to careers as Venus has now taught you to re-value your needs. If these areas are already strong, she will make them even stronger.

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The part of the sky in your life that will be effected is shown below according to your sunsign.

Aries– Self, identity, new beginnings and approach to life

Taurus– Endings and karmic duty regarding relationships & money ventures

Gemini– Group efforts, Humanitarian efforts

Cancer Career and public status, fathers and experts

Leo– Travel, higher education, spiritual beliefs

Virgo– Sex, shared finances, joint ventures

Libra– Relationships and partnerships

Scorpio– Health, service and systems

Sagittarius– Love and romance, creative self-expression, fertility, childlike spirit

Capricorn– Home, mom, homeland

Aquarius– Communication and short trips, siblings and hobbies

Pisces– Money and wealth

Revamp Your Relationships!

Are you growing in your relationships and expanding the opportunities for adventure? Reconsider what you value about them and how they are helping your higher self to expand to a new level.

Feeling a shift in your relationships? Notice yourself questioning the balance of give and take of fairness within your partnerships? Are you wondering what’s going on?

Lucky Jupiter is Retrograde in Libra February 6- June 10,2017. We’re reevaluating, reestablishing and revamping all 7th house matters like partnerships, relationships, contracts, and your relationship with the masses included. Sound like what you’re feeling? Others are too so realize this means others are thinking on their relationships or partnerships with you! They may, just like you, be rethinking who brings value and who doesn’t. This either leads to break ups of relationships that are withering or strengthening already strong relationships by having a stronger feeling of value and appreciation.

These matters are ruled over by Jupiter with Venus as his Co-Pilot. Jupiter looks to grow and expand through risk taking and adventure. Venus likes everything to be pleasurable and wants what is fairly due and justified in regards to relationships and money. Take the opportunity between these dates to look at the value of what you bring to relationships and what they bring to you. Are you growing in your relationships and expanding the opportunities for adventure? Reconsider what you value about them and how they are helping your higher self to expand to a new level.

With regard to your material possessions that bring you pleasure and comfort…do they? Are you holding yourself and your creative projects or material possessions to a new value with all the Aries energy OR are you allowing Jupiter to show you were you’re lucky to take risks in your partnerships? Do you feel you want more pleasure and recognition for the work you have put in when it comes to relationships or your self-worth?

This is the time to review your relationships and money OR maybe even your relationship with money. Take inventory of what you’ve got. The end results should leave you feeling that your partnerships, relationships, and contracts for artistic talents are feeling stronger in self-value and practicing better care of relationships and money. So go out there and start taking risks and exploring your new expanded vision for your future!!

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Love letter from an open heart

Feel my love through words

My Beloved, 

Lying here in the darkness. I’m gazing at the luminous moon, feeling cathartic as she radiates her loving nature. You and she are the only two who can touch my heart and soul this way, perhaps because you are my also my Sun.

Eternally yours, 

Your Earth Goddess

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Astrology Side Note: Transiting Cancer Moon trining Jupiter in Pisces and trining Mercury in Scorpio equals emotional love growing for my beloved through writing!!!

Don’t fear Jupiter Retrograde

I know it’s hard to not freak out when you hear the word Retrograde but there’s no need since it’s gonna happen anyways. Look at what it’s offering instead and just maybe have a little faith that it’s all for a purpose. Jupiter after all holds the key to your faith!!

If you’re ready to know how you can take fear away and replace it with faith, follow THIS LINK to watch a video sharing some knowledge about how Jupiter is really doing the work for you!! Get excited because it’ll be very rewarding!!!

Talk to you soon darhlings!!

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Your Moon Mind

Your Moon placement is responsible for the way your mind handles life.

Your Moon placement is responsible for the way your mind handles life. If you’ve got an Aries moon placement, chances are you’re ready to go to battle anytime life throws you into a dogfight and you may be aggressive about it depending on how other planets are placed in aspect to your moon. Have a Pisces moon? You may want to handle all that life throws at you with a compassion that elevates the soul to a new place and that may not always help you win the dogfight unless you’ve got some strong aspects from other planets affecting your moon. Your moon placement and sign is unique and knowing it gives you an advantage to knowing how you can best handle a situation. 

My natal moon in the 9th house is in the sign of Taurus with a quincunx aspect from my Mars in the second house in the sign of Libra. This gives me intuitiveness to the masses that allows me to react quickly to all emergency situations. This aspect would work well for a nurse in a battle field needing to decide quickly who she can help and how and then gets right to it all until it is done. 

Understanding your moon is understanding yourself!