Taurus New Moon Affirmations

Taurus New Moon Affirmations for new beginnings

I connect with the earth and all her sensual luxuries.

I am secure in my earthly values.

I appreciate the resources the earth provides.

How-To Pick Your Stone and Gems

How to pick your stones and gems to radiate your vibes and attact those you seek.

Choosing stones and gems is easier than you think and that’s because you don’t need to think to much on it. Your intuition and feelings play a bigger factor into¬†selecting your gems and stones. Whether online or in store, you can tune into what your energy is drawn to.

When choosing stones and gems, allow yourself to connect with energies around you and allow yours to mingle right back. Use your non-dominant hand when selecting stones. Your dominant hand is used to write your logical and rational thoughts and ego as opposed to your non-dominant hand connected to spirit. For more information, watch this video. 

Love letter from an open heart

Feel my love through words

My Beloved, 

Lying here in the darkness. I’m gazing at the luminous moon, feeling cathartic as she radiates her loving nature. You and she are the only two who can touch my heart and soul this way, perhaps because you are my also my Sun.

Eternally yours, 

Your Earth Goddess

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Astrology Side Note: Transiting Cancer Moon trining Jupiter in Pisces and trining Mercury in Scorpio equals emotional love growing for my beloved through writing!!!